Clay is a Powerful Tool

Children have stories to tell that may be too hard or too abstract to express in verbal ways but can be communicated through artistic expression, through clay.

Our program is aligned with the California Arts Standards for Visual Arts. We understand that social-emotional learning and holistic health practices are necessary in providing transformative, educational experiences. We bring process-based learning into your classroom, allowing your kids to create in ways that are meaningful to them.

Clay is healing

After School Play in Clay was created to bring healing into your classroom through the joy of clay. We live in a very virtual and disconnected world, particularly in the past few years. Children have a need to work in a very tactile and physical form and see that “mistakes” can be smushed down and reshaped again. Sculpting with clay offers children a way to connect to their authentic selves, and express their own uniqueness.

“The kids are so excited there is a sculpture class! ...

...They can’t wait for the next time they can have a piece of clay in their hands to transform it into something amazing!”
- Rosie Cruz
Steffan Manor Elementary School